7 Awesome Fractal Brushes

Today I am excited to present some fantastic high resolution fractal brushes. These were rendered at 2500 pixels and created at this size so the quality is at its max. Of course in different colors they will look even more awesome ,if I may say so myself. if you wanna say thanks or just like design in general visit http://digitalartempire.com/ we have loads of freebies and tuts too : D Ellipsis
7 Awesome Fractal Brushes

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  1. Missing

    soy una aficionada del photoshop y los utilizaré para uso particular. Muchas gracias, me gustan mucho.

  2. Missing


  3. Missing

    thank for your creation

  4. Missing

    keep on drawing

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    thank you!

  6. Missing


  7. Less

    thnkz for apport =D

  8. 717968

    Thank you ^^

  9. Picture_2

    thanks a lot

  10. Me2

    Electrifying! Thanks

  11. Missing

    veryy gooood

  12. Missing


  13. Ojho

    sasias! me encantan!

  14. Irofled_icon3

    awesome man! can't wait to use these :)

  15. like this

  16. Missing


  17. Missing


  18. Missing


  19. 456

    it's cool thanks

  20. Missing

    is goooddd

  21. Missing

    awesome :) thanks

  22. Missing

    Kool... Asante

  23. Flower_lavender_icon


  24. Missing

    M Baqir

  25. Edonis

    thanks alot

  26. Missing

    oh, i forget sent link about to install plug in for photoshop

  27. Missing

    thank you so much that you provide more brush, so i happy to join using like this. I hope that you will have more brush.

  28. Missing

    does it work for cs5?

  29. Blueeyez

    9ice one!

  30. Paco2

    good job

  31. Missing

    Most Excellent! Thanks.

  32. Missing


  33. Missing

    these are cool. thanks :-P

  34. Missing

    very very good

  35. Y

    THX U THE 1

  36. Brauhes-2222222222222

    Grazie a tutti per le gentili parole, ricordatevi di visitare Digital Art Empire : D

  37. Missing


  38. Missing

    thanks bro...

  39. Missing

    Thanks Man! :D

  40. 1264467572783192

    million thanks

  41. Copia_2_di_img_0480copia2

    great :) thank u very much

  42. Images


  43. 38305_1485737937862_1066311951_1433960_3164774_s

    its rly awesome..

  44. 24611272259958

    thanks u so much

  45. Brauhes-2222222222222

    glad you all like em :D -----------------remember to visit our site at digitartempire.com-----------its the bomb

  46. Missing


  47. Brauhes-2222222222222

    your welcome : D

  48. Brauhes-2222222222222

    your welcome : D

  49. Brauhes-2222222222222

    your welcome : D

  50. Brauhes-2222222222222

    your welcome : D

  51. Brauhes-2222222222222

    your welcome : D

  52. Brauhes-2222222222222

    your welcome : D

  53. Brauhes-2222222222222

    Not at the moment no sry -

  54. Missing

    do you know if this can be use for gimp?

  55. Missing

    can these be use for gimp ?

  56. Missing

    Awesome! Thank you.

  57. 8244161253a11043562398l
  58. Me

    ma kasihh akang...

  59. Aku

    thnks.. =)

  60. Smile2-ep

    haha...awesome..thx you.....^_^

  61. Test069

    all right...thank's

  62. Missing

    thank you!!!

  63. Brauhes-2222222222222

    Grazie tanto

  64. Missing

    It's beautiful ! Good Job !

  65. Lokes

    it's very useful

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