Footprint Brushes

* 18 footprints, varying amounts of paint. * All brushes are in 150 ppi quality. * I am shoe-size 44. * Made in Photoshop CS3. If it works on older versions, please tell me. This was fun to make, but HELL to scan. I was sitting at the scanner for 3+ hours to scan these & the monoprint brushes. The paint was still wet on most of them meaning I had to clean the glass between each scan. Original scans are 600 ppi, but the brushes are smaller to keep the file size down. //// Usage: You may not use the brushes for any commercial work without my permission (just ask). //// Distribution: Please do not repack or redistribute the brushes without my permission. The brushes can be downloaded free from this location. Ellipsis
Footprint Brushes

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    Hello! I really like these brushes, can I use them on designs in my t-shirt shop? Thank you

  2. Missing

    Hey Chain,
    I really like those footprint brushes! I would like to use them for a game project that I am working on. Is it all right if I could use them?

  3. Missing
  4. Ghost-toy

    Sure thing

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    Hi Chain,

    I love these feet brushes! I'm working on a t-shirt for a conference. May I use them on my shirts? Thanks

  6. Ghost-toy

    go ahead golconda :)

  7. Great brushes chain! I'm requesting permission to use these on a small ad for a friend's earmuff business startup Projeckt Nomad, would that be alright?

  8. Missing

    Alright, thank you so much chain!

  9. Ghost-toy

    Iholli7: Sure. Also, practise more with the Pen Tool. It can do it. If not, you could just clean it up a bit using curves and the clone stamp tool. If you want it simplified and vectorised, try Live Trace in Illustrator.

  10. Missing

    Hello! I'm having issues creating my own foot prints for a practice CD cover in a class photoshop project I'm doing. My pen tool won't create a bend to create my own, so is it okay if I use these footprint presets and post the credit to you on my Behance portfolio, and your website? I'm not using them for any of my own musical work, it's just a plain photoshop project to get credit in my interactive marketing class.

  11. Missing

    Good day sir. I'm sorry for the lack of info. Well, I'm creating a logo for a semiconductor start-up company. I'm very sorry sir because I won't be able to show the final output yet. But thanks a lot sir. :)

  12. Ghost-toy

    jabogonzales: That's not much info, but go ahead! Post us a link when you're done. :)

  13. Missing

    hello sir, these brushes are nice. Can I use them for the logo I'm creating? Thanks a lot for sharing.

  14. Ghost-toy

    m10: Go ahead.

  15. Screen_shot_2013-05-15_at_13.30.37

    Really good brushes! Thanks for sharing! Can I use them to illustrate a publication about carbon footprint?

  16. Ghost-toy

    chekatanai: You may. Feel free to post a link here to the website afterwards for people to see how you used it.

  17. Missing

    Hallo Chain, I would like to use your brushes for a local theatre and conferences poster on exodus theme. The poster image will be on website too. May I? Thanks for any answer.

  18. Thanks a ton! Regarding the efficacy (or lack thereof) of reflexology...I can't speak to that. But she's going to have a nice website. :-) Thanks again.

  19. Ghost-toy

    Sure, go ahead and use them.

    Btw, be aware of the placebo effect...
    "The best evidence available to date does not demonstrate convincingly that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition."

  20. Hey Chain, I love your feet! ;-) I'm working on a commercial reflexology website. Your brushes are perfect for the job. May I please use them for the project? Thank you for the great work!

  21. Missing

    Hi, i'm making a web banner for my company. Could I use this brush? Thank you!

  22. Ghost-toy

    That's ok :)

  23. ?height=50&width=50

    We are making promotional stickers for our site and would like to use this in them. Is that okay?

  24. Ghost-toy

    Go right ahead :)

  25. ?height=50&width=50

    Hi, may I have permission to use this for commercial work? I have to make a logo for a march and would love to use this brush.

  26. Ghost-toy

    Permission granted :)

  27. Missing

    Hi, would you be so kind and mail me a permission to use your brush on commercial work? It would perfect in a poster of a dance class I'm working on :)

  28. Missing

    Yup! They work in CS2. TY!

  29. Ghost-toy

    Yes, you can. :)

  30. ?height=50&width=50

    Very nice brush! can i use in a book cover design?

  31. Ghost-toy

    Yes, you can use them.

  32. Ghost-toy

    Yes :)

  33. Missing

    Hi there! I'm working on a leaflet for my friend regarding city tours and would love to use your brushes as part of the background (also in his city tour blog). Is that ok?

  34. Missing

    Hi! Great brushes? Can I use them in the as part of my father's leaflet background?

  35. Ghost-toy


  36. Img0690a


    Can I use these brushes as background for my sisiter's photograph?

  37. ?height=50&width=50

    how awesome are these... thank you very much for sharing :)

  38. Ghost-toy

    Go right ahead :)

  39. Ghost-toy

    Yes, you may.

  40. Missing

    hey! i am getting ready to launch a small clothing line and wondered if i could use one of these on a design we've kind of mocked up. its a fake board company Bare Foot Board Co. it's going to be called Sweet Tea's Clothing Company. email me at [email protected]

  41. Missing

    tnx buddy..................

  42. Missing


    Can I use these brushes as background on an Android app?

  43. Missing

    Hi there,
    I'd love to use these brushes on a website I'm working on.

  44. Ghost-toy

    Go ahead :) Sorry for the late reply!

  45. Missing

    Hello, I was wondering if I could use one of the set of footprint brushes to add them to my "footprints plaque" with the poem that I would like to sell on market. I appreciate it but will understand if you do not allow it. Thank you so much.

  46. Ghost-toy

    Yes :)

  47. Ghost-toy

    That would be totally okay :)

  48. Missing

    Awesome. Thank you. Would love to use them occassionally on blog photographs. Would that be okay?

  49. Missing

    Would it be possible for me to use this on my cousin's school group's tshirts?

  50. Ghost-toy


  51. Missing

    Thanks :)

  52. Missing

    Could I use these brushes for a potential book cover design. I will be self-publishing. Thanks.

  53. Ghost-toy

    Yes :)

  54. Missing

    I would possibly like to use these for a t-shirt for a children's camp. Would that be ok?

  55. ?height=50&width=50

    thanks !

  56. Ghost-toy

    Go ahead

  57. ?height=50&width=50

    can i use it for an art contest, please?

  58. Ghost-toy

    No problem :)

  59. Missing

    i need to make a little foot print icon to illustrator a tours page on the website i'm building for a family run travel company... any chance i can use one of yours, they look perfect for the job... cheers, dave

  60. Missing

    Thanks a milion! :)

  61. Ghost-toy

    Go right ahead :)

  62. Missing

    Would it be okay if I used one of the footprint brushes to create a logo for a small non-profit childcare facility? I am the director and would love to update our logo :)

  63. O10

    like it! :)

  64. Missing

    Thank you ^.^

  65. Ghost-toy

    Go ahead.

  66. Ghost-toy

    No problem.

  67. ?height=50&width=50

    Hi, I would really love to use these footprints in my backrounds on a kids calendar I am designing. Would that be ok with you? If not, that's cool, nice brushes anyway.

  68. Missing

    Looks great. Would like to use it to create some kind of art. I occasionally sell my work, but would like to ask permission to use it if there is a possibility of selling the art having used the brush to help make it. Either way, thank you for sharing.

  69. Missing

    thank you

  70. Missing


  71. Missing


  72. Missing

    hello, great work ^_^
    can I please use for a commecial wine labels?

  73. Missing

    thank you :D

  74. Ghost-toy


  75. Anshullogo

    Can I use it for my Poster's not commercial...? Plzzz./.

  76. Missing

    Thank you!

  77. Missing

    really I love it ..

  78. Missing

    Thank you.

  79. Hanan

    great ,,

  80. Lj


  81. Nmxx

    thankesssssssssssssss,very good one

  82. G


  83. Coccinelle_simple


  84. __fwdder_com__-100329579-1

    cute man!

  85. Missing

    wow it's cute!

  86. very nice

  87. Missing


  88. Ghost-toy

    Sure :)

  89. Photo_264

    was wondering if i could use these brushes in a design for a shirt ?

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