Monoprint texture brushes

Monoprint texture brushes

* 23 textures made using monoprint techniques.
* Varying patterns and paint coverage.
* All brushes are in 72 ppi quality (A3).
* Made in Photoshop CS3. If it works on older versions, please tell me.

This was fun to make, but HELL to scan. I was sitting at the scanner for 3+ hours to scan these & the footprint brushes. The paint was still wet on most of them meaning I had to clean the glass between each scan. Original scans are 600 ppi but brushes are smaller due to some file size limitations when I originally uploaded this to DA.

Special thanks to Anders Fagerhus for letting me scan two of his prints as well.

Tip: When simulating painted effects, the multiply blending mode is your friend.

//// Usage:
You may not use the brushes for any commercial work without my permission (just ask).

//// Distribution:
Please do not repack or redistribute the brushes without my permission. The brushes can be downloaded free from this location.

Copyright: chain

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Monoprint texture brushes

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    love your labor or love, thanks for sharing

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    Thanks :)

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    fantastic, thank you so much for sharing!

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    great texture brushes, thanks 4 sharing :)

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    These are so interesting and unique! Thanks VERY much.