Some Flower-Shaped brushes made by me. Good for design. Hope you like them Wanna learn how to make your own brushes and much more? Visit the link below: Ellipsis

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  1. 008

    amazing - thank you

  2. ?height=50&width=50

    wow!!!!!! nice

  3. Missing

    ty :)

  4. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Thanks. I'm glad that you liked them. and you're welcome

  5. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You\re welcome

  6. Love_apple_by_humandescent

    Anigraphuse yani chi?!

  7. Missing

    Merci beaucoup c'est très jolie

  8. Missing

    Thanks for this

  9. Missing

    Good, Very goo.

  10. I love your brushes! These are as awesome as the others. Thank you!

  11. Karen

    Very pretty, thank you for sharing.

  12. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51


  13. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51


  14. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome. Glad you liked them.

  15. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    2 ways:

    1- Go to photoshop > Select brush tools or eraser tools > Right click on a point in your page > Click Load brushes > Select These brushes on your hard/Removable disk.

    2- Copy this file into your photoshop directory Photoshop CS\Presets\Brushes. Then load photoshop.
    This way, Every-time you right click on the page, and click on the small arrow on the top left of the brush lists, you can see the brush set name which by clicking on it will open.

  16. Heart3

    how to use Anigraphuse-Flowers-I

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    show de boalll

  18. Missing

    GAH make it cs4 and ill be your eternal worshiper (ill have to worship you under ceiling cat tho) (he'll b down with that)

  19. Dwi_prazetyo

    nice ^_=

  20. A4


  21. 18668_1233298360394_1467235787_30604922_2543398_n


  22. Missing

    These are absolutely wonderful. THANKS so much!

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