Midnight City - Vector Brushes

Midnight City - Vector Brushes

This is the first brush set I'm adding to my deviantART collection, and this site.
Style: Vector Abstract.
Number of brushes: 30
For version: 7, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4

Enjoy, and have fun!

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Midnight City - Vector Brushes

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    great! thankyou

  3. ?height=50&width=50

    oh!. great!!!!

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  6. ?height=50&width=50

    我非常的喜歡>__<  謝謝你唷:"D

  7. ?height=50&width=50

    amazing...TYVM ^_^

  8. 1-loveme

    VERY cool!!! Thank you!!!!

  9. Small

    뵤How fun! Thank youヅツジシッ ⇂(⊙ゥ⊙)⇃

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  11. ?height=50&width=50

    nice :D

  12. 5 Stars !

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    thank you guy : )

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    Awesome!! (=

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    Thanks! I like it!!

  20. Whuh! this is Soooo Awesome!!! xD >:)

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    awasome !! i love it ¡¡¡¡

  22. Missing

    tnk!! :)

  23. Missing

    haaa de lujo¡¡¡¡¡¡

  24. Missing

    great funky-urban styled brushes!!

  25. 2111625275284869660


  26. _-_-_

    thanks ^ـ^

  27. Missing

    Wow this is Pretty awesome =D

  28. 100x100-1

    pretty awesome.

  29. Apid

    duplicate the layer you want to glow like this. Select this duplicated layer, then go to filter > blur > gaussian blur, and play with the settings. Finally, you can lower the opacity of this layer, and optionally set this layer to lighten. :)

  30. Missing

    i rally like this brush and all its possibilities but i cant seem to get that light glow/blur effect. Im pretty new to photoshop so if any one could help me please do. I want to get the same sort of retro, light look in the preview.

  31. thank u so much...
    it's awesome...

  32. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank u

  33. Missing

    Thanks to your efforts

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  35. Missing

    Love this brush set. I think it's the one I use the most and would love to see some more sets of this style.

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    very good =)

  37. Missing

    This What I Needed Thank You!

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  39. 166840_186819944680568_161421327220430_600427_836125_n


  40. Little_sk23__1
  41. Gear_avatar


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  43. Missing

    reckon you could make a tutorial on how to make the image?

  44. Missing

    thx,I like this

  45. Missing
  46. allright impresionant!

  47. Missing

    i like this brush..^^

  48. Missing

    awesome brushes

  49. Missing

    Love It, thanks <3

  50. ?height=50&width=50

    I love all of your brush sets, really digging this one. Keep em coming i love em!

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  52. Missing

    Great stuff

  53. Missing

    merci c'est génial

  54. Imagen_011

    I like;

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  56. 110

    keren euy

  57. Aik3vnavegbk744ncauo


  58. Dave_01

    ***** for you

  59. Missing

    Awsome! Thanks >:)

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  61. Missing

    thank you very much ^_^

  62. Missing

    thank you

  63. R144

    Thank u ,, Done Download ..
    see u ..

  64. Heal_my_broken_heart


  65. cant download it, why?

  66. Ava_me_bord

    просто супер, дякую=)

  67. Msn_woody


  68. N1358265347_30106235_9491


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  70. Untitled-hhh2

    it s amzing.......

  71. awesome

  72. ty!

  73. 3302297791_bc739ef84f

    thanks ^^

  74. M45

    nice 1.....

  75. 826alsh3er

    تسلم الايادي

  76. 4_color_design_copy

    niccee!! :D

  77. 1--_--1

    cool ؛D

  78. 848858387_juctuwghkpkgbfn

    I Like ;DD very nice

  79. Missing

    I LIKE

  80. Music_abstract


  81. Missing

    nice. nice. nice. thanks for sharing

  82. nice brush... thanks for the sharing ^^

  83. Ps_4


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