Arcade Brushes

Arcade Brushes

Size of Brushes: 1000 Pxls Width
Brushes Made By: ShiftyJ
Number of Brushes: 17
PS Version: CS3

- You may use these brushes for Personal use, credit is appreciated.
- You may NOT use these brushes for Commercial use without my permission. Contact me if needed.

Arcade Brushes

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    great stuff

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    Very, very good. I love all of them. Thanks a lot.

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    its so great .

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    grazie :)

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    cool thanks

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    Thank you!

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  10. Profil

    Merci ! =)

  11. Missing

    Create a new layer after the text, draw over the text with the brushes, right click the layers and click "create layer mask" and there yuh go!

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    this is really nice Brushes!!
    How did you make the TEXT like this?

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    Thank You

  14. Darklight

    pretty cool

  15. 853_render_146896852_small

    Es espectacular este brushes !!!

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    oh, what amazing brushes!!!!

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    thanks a lot man!! so FFFFFFF great!

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    sick man thanks alot

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    Really nice mate ;)

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