Infinity Brush Set

Infinity Brush Set

Size of Brushes: 1000 Pxls Width
Brushes Made By: ShiftyJ
Number of Brushes: 17
PS Version: CS3

- You may use these brushes for Personal use, credit is appreciated.
- You may NOT use these brushes for Commercial use without my permission. Contact me if needed.

Infinity Brush Set

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    very nice
    thanks a lot

  3. great...thanks a lot!....

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  5. Missing have great talent.

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    thanks really :)

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  8. Eagle_rebel

    Nice work...

  9. Vesc_01

    Amazingly done!

  10. Missing

    i like 5/5

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  12. Missing

    Preview fail !

  13. good ideas come to an explicit mindss,,,//thanks with this

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    its really gud...... to make a ppt backgrnd its superb...... thanx alot

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    WOW thanks a lot !!!

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    this is an awesome brush! thanks. :)

  17. Summer_design

    Fabulous, Thanks

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    Very beautiful...thanks

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    Cool Thnks

  20. 26790_385937872854_630162854_3801510_2435864_n

    Cool Brush :)

  21. Missing

    bad ass dude!

  22. 3b710af1

    nice brushes ;D

  23. Che-reggae

    thanks, very good brush

  24. Photoshop_car_tutorial_02_15

    lurv it shifty !!!!!!!!!! compliments from South Africa.

  25. Chowder-0017

    Very nice thanks for sharing your brushes

  26. Missing

    nice brushes
    thanks for share

  27. Photo-1384

    Very nice brushes, thank you very much for sharing!

  28. Photo-1384

    Not sure why there is no reply, use winrar to extract them if they are in a .rar. Then find your adobe in program files etc, go to Presets/Brushes and paste them in, should do the trick!

  29. ?height=50&width=50

    WOW , i just activated my account ,, you guys are great ,, Thank you,, i''ve been using Photoshop for about 5 years , now i came across some nice brushes but these truly are SWEET ! ! ! thanks

  30. Missing

    How do i add to my brushes in PS?

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    i love this set :D

  32. Awsomeness

    Nice man, thank you!

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  36. Foto_0631

    Muito bom esse :D

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    GReat GReat Great Great !!!

  38. 2

    Thanks !!!

  39. Neutralbs10002

    i like it

  40. Brezzy_myron

    Real nice !!!!!!

  41. R144

    Thank ..

  42. Ghfjh

    nice i like it

  43. just........
    it's wonderfuLL.>>>>>>

  44. Image_028_

    love them...

  45. Image_028_

    love them...

  46. Rankalee

    so cool !! thx : )

  47. Bg


  48. H

    Ive seen better.

  49. Missing
  50. ?height=50&width=50

    Looks nice!

  51. Missing

    Wow i LOVE This Brush!
    And the other ones ore Cool 2

  52. Missing

    I just love the arrows dude!

  53. Untitled-4

    My Respect to you, you make best brushes, I use almost all of them. Good job done mate ;)