Electro Youtube Layout

Electro Youtube Layout

A Techno/electro style youtube layout I created feel free to modify/use it just credit me if you do.

Electro Youtube Layout

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  1. Kanth

    too good

  2. Missing

    It might not be a brush it can also be edited to the perspective make a line with the rectangle selection tool then color it the go to edit>transform>Perspective then have fun with that

  3. Missing

    very nice

  4. 39349_1497686332406_1541575302_31196843_271915_n


  5. Death_the_kid7161


    Here you go guys its called rising sun.

  6. Missing

    yhh i wanna know what brush that is aswell...i cant find it anywhere :(

  7. Missing

    i feel dumb but what is that brush with all the streaks going outwards?

  8. Imagesca0r7ndj


  9. Iproxicide_150_x_150_avatar

    This will come in handy, as soon ill make my youtube account ill add as well your credits bro thanks!

  10. Missing

    thnx man