Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1

Photoshop Action 1 Oscar's Pilch 1 Photoshop Action. There'll be more actions!!! It Is A OSCAR PILCH - w1zzy production © All rights reserved. ___ _ Credit for a stock goes to *foureyestock for amazing http://foureyestock.deviantart.com/art/starfish-2-2947491 Thank you! Ellipsis
Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1

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    e bom

  2. ?height=50&width=50

    it's good

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  4. ?height=50&width=50

    You'll Be Seeing It TOMORROW At PsMasters's Blog

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  6. ?height=50&width=50

    Awesoome !!!,;:Ä

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  8. Missing

    i don't know how to use this one..where could i find it in PSCS5?

  9. Missing

    Can't wait! TY!

  10. Etsy_garden_avatar

    thanks for sharing!

  11. Missing

    cool ! thanks!

  12. Missing

    hoohoohooo... very nice!! i like this action

  13. Missing


  14. Missing

    thank you!

  15. Thanks

  16. 30nov09_web

    goood! thank you so much!

  17. Go-ahead-warning-sign

    it`s so good

  18. Missing

    Thanks a million!

  19. Missing


  20. Missing

    very nice

  21. Missing

    Thank you. ^^

  22. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  23. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  24. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  25. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  26. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  27. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  28. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  29. Img_4200

    这个怎么用啊 。、

  30. Dare

    (屮ಠДಠ)屮 Y U SO AWESUM!?

  31. Gallery-3285395-500x500


  32. Dsc00657
  33. 25-01-08-drzewo


  34. 25-01-08-drzewo

    I think, naming the layer you want to work on "Layer 1" should solve that.

  35. Missing

    Where is it in photoshop, I can not find it

  36. Missing

    I'm using CS3 with this and i'm getting error messages telling me layer "0-3" are not available. Should I be creating a new layer for this action to work first?

  37. 111111


  38. Missing


  39. Missing

    thank you

  40. Curved_ii


  41. Missing


  42. Missing

    thank you

  43. Missing


  44. _


  45. 7art_silver


  46. 7art_silver


  47. Electroicon


  48. _mg_1769_-_copy_-_copy_2_

    Never mind- all I had to do to the image was 'layer from background'- before I hit play.... You live you learn... Thanks for this action- I love the effect! :)

  49. _mg_1769_-_copy_-_copy_2_

    Thank you so much, I've got that sorted out. Now I have one more problem- When I hit the play button on the action, it prompts me several times that 'layer 0 copy is not available'.... So the effect is turning out completely different. Do I need to do anything to the original photo for this not to happen. Sorry for all the questions. :)

  50. Missing

    If you've installed it properly it will be in your actions folder Jinx. Click on Photoshop and Actions will be under presets

  51. _mg_1769_-_copy_-_copy_2_

    Hi, I'm new to photoshop... could someone tell me where in PS I can find this action after I have installed it?

  52. Missing

    thanks for this action

  53. ?height=50&width=50

    where do i save this under?

  54. ?height=50&width=50

    Love it

  55. Missing

    Thank you unique indeed!

  56. Missing

    perfect Actn! Great stuff!!

  57. Thank Yew

  58. Thank Yew

  59. Missing

    شكرا جزيلا


  60. 4601_1147712259536_1429454399_30410520_7512395_n

    oh yeah!!!!

  61. Me_300x300

    Looks great! :)

  62. Missing

    Wow! Me gusta mucho, vamos a probarlo! Gracias!

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