Instant Hipster - 10 Retro Actions

Instant Hipster - 10 Retro Actions

10 Instagram Photoshop actions (19 for premium download)! Give your photos a retro look similar to those found in Instagram.

Photoshop Actions:
- Amaro
- Mayfair
- Hudson
- Valencia
- X-Pro II
- Willow
- Sutro
- Hefe
- Nashville
- 1977

See Instant Hipster in Action:

Instant Hipster - 10 Retro Actions

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    Hey Everyone!

    After noticing the comments on this free file, I thought I'd chime in. If you download this free file, you'll notice there is a URL to another website with the option to purchase more actions:

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    Thankz for share. great job

  3. Gfyjyf

    Wheres the premium one? i re downloaded and still getting the ten

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    I need help! I can't get a lot of the filters to work. They used to work but not anymore. Hope someone can help!

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    love it

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    thanks foe sharing

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    I can't download it.

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