Corner Grunge Photoshop Brushes

There's ten grunge textures, perfect for corners of a design. Each brush is between 500px and 1900px. I hope you enjoy them. They're free to use for whatever projects you'd like, personal or commercial with no attribution required. You can also follow me on twitter @getinspiiired to find out when our official website will launch. Ellipsis
Corner Grunge Photoshop Brushes

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    Really nice set of brushes. Much appreciated.

  2. Tumblr_lcmoz0d9vu1qcr6iqo1_1280

    this is a cool set maan! THANK YOU!

  3. ?height=50&width=50

    Just what I need thank you

  4. ?height=50&width=50
  5. Pjano-og-jegweb

    These are comming in handy, thank you so much!

  6. Missing


  7. Uchiha_madara_by_kunalprabhu

    Nice one!
    Its the best ever!!!

  8. Forbrushheasy

    Brilliant brushes!!!

  9. 58910_523546008828_138701119_30817138_4919021_n

    one of my favorites!

  10. Missing

    Incredible post photoshop is a totally incredible program and the paintbrushes give him a touch to every photo thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 39047_135491483156743_100000876777188_166856_6444734_n


  12. Missing

    how are you?
    i just wanted to ask you: how did you make your logo?
    don't be afraid i'm just curious becaus it's looks so awesome and i'm just trying to make a logo for me (Devid Litschi) too.

    sry for my bad english ;)

  13. Inspiiired

    @SpongeCalledBob - Thanks :)
    @Atrabilious - Thanks :)

  14. Missing


  15. Missing

    best brush set evah

  16. Inspiiired

    @ DannyWay - glad to be your 3000th download :)

    @arkanoid - nice name drop :) Glad you like them

    @oddian - you're very welcome :)

  17. ?height=50&width=50

    beautiful! thanks

  18. Ridho_slank

    now i'm really inspiiired,thank you very much...

  19. Missing

    Made 3000th download :)

  20. Inspiiired

    You're welcome very much :) I hope you find good use for them.

  21. Missing


  22. Missing

    many ta's for sharing : )

  23. Inspiiired

    You're welcome :)

  24. Missing

    NICE! Thank you!

  25. Inspiiired

    Thanks :) If/when you use them, I'd love to check out the artwork you create (not required, but it'd be awesome to see)

  26. Missing

    Excited to use these in some projects! Very nice brushes.

  27. Inspiiired

    Thanks Harti, glad you like it :)

  28. Augen1

    Very fine Thx

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