Floral Pattern

Floral Pattern

This is the first pattern I've ever done. Set contains 8 variations of the same pattern (in black, white, with/without border, horizontal, vertical, etc.) all with transparent backgrounds and seamless. Each one at its longest orientation is 1800px.

Copyright: Brushing-Up

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Floral Pattern

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    gorgeous, thank you

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    It's stunning! Good job. You're a natural.

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    oh! v. good

  4. Mj_barron-pic

    Thank you!

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    love it..

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    thank you~~~

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  8. Karen

    pretty, thank you!

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    Very pretty! T.Y. ~ :)

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    ¡Gracias! lindas flores

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    Absolutely love it, definitely will add flair to my scrapbook!

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    beautiful! thanks for sharing!

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    love it ^.^

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    very cute thanks

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    very nice thank you.

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    how do i use this patterns on ps? i got cs5 :)

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    thanks so much ... that's cute...

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    awesome! ;)

  20. Thank you so much for the beautiful design :-)

  21. 4b34ba28de

    very nice thanks for all pattern

  22. btw, it's must be so nice sleepin' with such a beautifully decorated pillow... ;-)

  23. nice floral pattern, thanks.....

  24. Eder2

    Thank you ... the details can be very useful with flowers

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    thanks lovely work!

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    love this! so impressive!!!

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    very beautiful

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    Love it!

  32. Amanda_zoss_web

    Looks great! Is this available for commercial use?

  33. Beautiful_girl_painting25.jpg_thumb

    hi everyone

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    You did a great job!!!
    thank you

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    well done..this is birrrrriful

  36. Colores

    this beautiful

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    This pattern is absolutely fabulous... Great color choice, I just love it!!

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  39. Tiger_avatar

    awesome !!

  40. P2170350

    very happy

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    Thank you so much.

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    Beautiful! Thank you!

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    thanks it is very nise but it doesnot download

  46. Allison-bridal-veil

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice keep like that ma man ..+10

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    wow, very good :)

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    thank-you! Very clever.

  50. Cc0339

    thanks for sharing !

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    i love it!

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    beautiful thanks!

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    NICE حلو

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    thank you

  56. Imag0013

    beautiful thank you

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    so nice

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    so beautiful!

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    Thank you *0*

  60. Vf2010_small

    downloaded it, thank you!

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    Thanks! like it.

  62. Dragon23

    thanks you. i hope you will upload too

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    Thank you!!!!!

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    Gorgeous! Thank you