Alberto Vargas Pin Up Girls

41 retro pin up girls by the master himself, Alberto Vargas. Ellipsis
Alberto Vargas Pin Up Girls

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    Does anyone know if an Alberto Vargas pinup can be used in a logo or shop banner for an ecommerce store?

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    Thanks big guy!

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    waw thank u awesome brushes

  4. Smoke_ballet


  5. ?height=50&width=50

    Hi Alberto! I really love this brush and I want use it in my web. Do you know who is the creator? I would like ask him if I can use the images. Thank you!!

  6. ?height=50&width=50


  7. R66

    Very Good!

  8. Missing

    real cool

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

  10. Missing

    Awesome stuff m8, cheers!

  11. Cvs_logo1

    Very Nice!

  12. Avatar

    Beautiful set Thankyou, Love them!!

  13. 170211_lr

    Brilliant thank you! I love them and have created my art and posted to my blog....if you're interested and have time then you can see what I did here:

  14. Missing

    Great job! Thanx !

  15. 109

    Thanks very nice..........................

  16. Missing

    These are gorgeous! I'm taking :D

  17. Messs-mexico

    i love high waist shorty shorts... so hard to find in real life :)

  18. Missing

    really really love those...

  19. Missing

    Cool ! :)

  20. Tiger

    skeet skeet

  21. I don't own the copyrights to the original images so I can't give permission for them to be used commercially, but if someone wanted to use them for financial gain then I can't really stop them :)

  22. Missing

    Wow, these are great! Are these free to use anywhere? Websites? Commercially?

  23. Missing

    Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssss !!!!!!!

  24. No problem. Enjoy! :)

  25. Flower

    I LOVE this brushes! Pin Up girls make almost everything so sexy!! Thanks for making these!

  26. Augen1


  27. Paavo

    Joo, das hab ich gesucht....

  28. Missing

    thank you :D

  29. Missing


  30. Missing

    HELP!! It keeps telling me that it is unable to unarchive due to an error. What can I do?

  31. 29gexao


  32. Missing

    Wow.... :O

  33. 3jokes_love_wallpaper_1


  34. wow

  35. 862010076

    thanks very help full pinups

  36. You're welcome :DDD

  37. 79

    Thank you


  38. Designall

    thanks. so beatifull.

  39. ?height=50&width=50

    tank.. I like that

  40. Neaon_glow

    luv it..

  41. 32271_1490674233584_1435830034_31357588_5111590_n

    Thank you!! I love these

  42. Missing

    wow nice..

  43. 29751_397541224014_741654014_3994298_3245866_n

    nice,, very much

  44. Yopo

    Gracias mi amigo

  45. Circle_k

    Awesome brushes, Thank you!

  46. Alger10aa_17_

    beautiful girls thanks

  47. 853_render_146896852_small

    Hermosas.! Para publicidad !!

  48. Myself

    There is nothing wrong with it. I like all pin up girls.

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