Grungy Ink Splatter Sprays

Grungy Ink Splatter Sprays

Download this set of 45 high resolution ink splatter Photoshop brushes. These splatter and spray brushes are great for creating backgrounds, stain effects, and blood splatters. Works with Photoshop 7 or newer and may be used for commercial or non-commercial artwork without attributions.

Grungy Ink Splatter Sprays

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  1. Headshot-impasto

    I purchased these from your site, they are awesome! I went on and decided to use your brush in my new business card design!

    Thanks so much!

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    SWEET................ :)

  4. 1c

    Wow~ It's cool and Cute~ :D

  5. Missing

    Waw , thanx

  6. Missing

    めちゃカッコイイ!!!! very cool!!!! thank you

  7. Missing

    awesome =3!

  8. Missing

    wow nice jop

  9. Missing

    thanks these look awesome!

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