outerspace flowers

my first brush set. to get the glow effect in the sample, use the outer glow setting in blending options and set the color to one you like. then set the opacity to 26%, spread to 12%, and size to 16%. Please do not claim the brushes as your own, even though they were simple to make you still would not want people taking credit for the work you had done.. :) Ellipsis
outerspace flowers

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  1. 4

    Good .....
    Mantappp .........

  2. Missing

    Very nice.. T.Y! :)

  3. Missing

    i may be creating some wallpapers in the future that i will post on a wallpaper sharing site and i was hoping that i would be able to use your brushes in them, in the author comment section i will not claim these brushes as mine but give the credit to you, so i was hoping that that will be alright?
    ps really nice brushes love the glowing effect idea^^

  4. thanks...very nice

  5. Missing

    Well done they look beautiful xx

  6. Missing

    nice look..

  7. Missing

    Tolle Pinsel

  8. Missing

    Super cool celui la :)

  9. veryy nice

  10. 68725_104299602968993_100001668607396_30839_5273998_n

    very beuty colours

  11. Missing

    Very Good...... I like it

  12. Images-bb4573cb7b94


  13. Bb_sparkb

    very nice - thanks for sharing...s...

  14. Missing


  15. Ap8hx20ca32b0k4ca0fjvqzca8yj2gzcagkp2sxcab51ae2ca3jv516capkwjracajmwtaecavzyt8zcai21zaccajupatocahi28eccaxsf8ikcawld01acaz74107cat79z15cabiwnyxcad0aykk

    im gona upload some when i know what im doing, youl see !!.

  16. Momo21

    These are pretty awesome I'm using them.

  17. 19337_314322229906_719879906_3342742_5736909_n

    very good

  18. Dolphindk5

    nice :)

  19. Aniko08

    ...a bit of imagination and beautifull efects could creat...congratulation, tx.!

  20. 2u2gdqznb8xr3ehjzddxpr8

    I love it thanks

  21. Eff5b6a88a513e2d

    thank U thankU

  22. Paco

    ceciii is beautiful!

  23. Picture1_copy


  24. Missing

    coool ^^

  25. Foto_4

    thanks this is very!! nice brush!! =)

  26. Missing

    thanks for lovely brush

  27. 60286_153459358007923_100000315781446_331295_653574_n

    nice .. : )

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