Chinese Symbols

Chinese Symbols

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  1. Missing

    Would have purchased, however the fact that I could not opt out of auto renewal without calling into the customer service department stopped me.

  2. Avatar%202012

    Excelente . Mil gracias por compartir..estan maravillosos

  3. Missing

    beautiful and thanks

  4. ?height=50&width=50

    Awesome!! Thank you!!

  5. Azkal_logo
  6. 10

    I liked it =)

  7. Er

    nice thanks

  8. ?height=50&width=50

    you are best thank you

  9. Photo-1384

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  10. Photo-1384

    Thanks for stopping by!... Enjoy :)

  11. Dibujo0007yuyu

    Excelente !! Nesecitaba refrescar mis ideas! :-p

  12. Photo-1384

    The filters i used, lets see... sepia photo filter on 22, a cooling filter on 12, and a black and white gradient map on lighten, gently erase over the top so it doesn't look to hazy.... hope this helps!

  13. Missing

    Although I'm sure if I wait and open the file I may get an answer, but I LOVE THE DRAGON IMAGE IN THE BACKGROUND of this thumbnail. It seems desaturated as well as bright and colorful and has such a real look to it, if you remember how you did it could you share that with me? I got so excited when I saw it!

  14. Img0039a
  15. Fff

    thanks EvilAngel for this great brushes :)

  16. Missing

    EvilAngel . thanx very much :)`

  17. Album2

    I liked it

  18. Missing

    I super like it! :)

  19. Photo-1384

    Thanks glad you like them :)

  20. Photo-1384

    Yes they are, I translated each brush.

  21. 01

    very cool

  22. Missing


  23. Photo-1384

    Your welcome, enjoy! =D

  24. 1264467572783192


  25. Missing

    very nice =)

  26. Death_the_kid7161

    Is each brush named per character.

  27. Photo-1384

    Glad you like them, Enjoy!

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