A Line

A Line

OK what can you do with a Line??? Man it's endless. The new photoshop lets you turn these around in any direction and do lots of things. I realized that a simple line is not in the basic brushes or anywhere on photoshop. So I took a shape line and made a brush. To simple. But the results are really quite outstanding. So use my line or make your own it is so very simple but hey what can I say they kick ass and as far as a brush yea it works. My sample was thirty seconds of play. Think what you could do if you used a little creative grey matter!!

Copyright: Icurus

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A Line

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    actually its exactly what I needed!

  2. Missing

    Super simple brush, but WOW, you can do so much with it! Thank you!!

  3. Apocalypse_by_dearjune

    Hahaha you're right, thanks

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  5. Avatar1

    thanks I'll give it a try