Christiane DELBECQUE

J'aime créer, retoucher, colorer, j'aime les couleurs, la lumière, les formes, les objets, la nature, le digital.

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  • Abstract-materials-patterns
    Abstract Materials Patterns
  • Free-painted-walls-texture-pack
    Free Painted Walls Texture Pack
  • Free-grungy-bubble-textures
    Free Grungy Bubble Textures
  • Free-grungy-cracked-textures
    Free Grungy Cracked Textures
  • 10-light-grunge-textures
    10 Light Grunge Textures
  • Halloween-stripes-patterns
    Halloween Stripes Patterns
  • Summer-travel-wallpaper-psd-photoshop-backgrounds
    Summer Travel Wallpaper PSD
  • Splattered-rose-backgrounds-psd
    Splattered Rose Backgrounds PSD
  • Yellow-wall-texture
    Yellow Wall Texture
  • Grungy-paint-background-psd-photoshop-backgrounds
    Grungy Paint Background PSD
  • Tree-silhouette-brushes-pack
    Tree Silhouette Brushes Pack
  • Abstract-christmas-tree-psd-background-photoshop-psds
    Abstract Christmas Tree PSD Background
  • City-lights-christmas-psd-background-photoshop-psds
    City Lights Christmas PSD Background
  • Glowing-christmas-tree-psd-background-photoshop-psds
    Glowing Christmas Tree PSD Background
  • Emerald-bokeh-christmas-psd-background-photoshop-psds
    Emerald Bokeh Christmas PSD Background
  • Retro-christmas-ornament-psd-background-photoshop-psds
    Retro Christmas Ornament PSD Background
  • 5-high-res-watercolor-texture-backgrounds-jpeg
    5 High Res Watercolor Texture Backgrounds JPEG
  • Grunge-textures-set
    Grunge Textures Set
  • 12-optical-coloured-squares-patterns
    12 Optical Coloured Squares Patterns
  • Ink-drawing-flower-brushes
    Ink Drawing Flower Brushes
  • Clear-photoshop-gradients
    Clear Photoshop Gradients
  • Warm-glow-colorful-abstract-textures
    Warm Glow Colorful Abstract Textures
  • Hi-res-wood-textures-part-ii
    Hi Res Wood Textures – Part II
  • Artist-s-paper-texture-patterns-2
    Artist's Paper Texture Patterns 2
  • Clear-skies-gradients
    Clear Skies Gradients
  • 4-13-random-grunge-textures
    4.13 Random Grunge Textures
  • A4-grungy-paper-textures
    A4 Grungy Paper Textures
  • S-t-metal-buttons-ui-kit
    S&T Metal Buttons UI Kit
  • Glowing-floral-backgrounds-pack-photoshop-textures
    Glowing Floral Backgrounds Pack
  • Blue-composite-textures
    Blue Composite Textures
  • Grungy-halftone-brush-element-pack-photoshop-brushes
    Grungy Halftone Brush Element Pack
  • Heart-flower-wallpaper-and-heart-brush-pack-photoshop-brushes
    Heart Flower Wallpaper and Heart Brush Pack
  • Danger-pig-brush-strokes-pack-01
    Danger Pig Brush Strokes Pack 01
  • Lens-flare-textures-by-brandondorf
    Lens Flare Textures by Brandondorf
  • Funky-christmas-ornament-wallpaper-photoshop-psds
    Funky Christmas Ornament Wallpaper
  • Emptied
  • Fibers-3
    Fibers 3
  • Emerald-merry-christmas-wallpaper-photoshop-psds
    Emerald Merry Christmas Wallpaper
  • Paint-patterns
  • Black-white-christmas-ornament-wallpaper-brush-and-pattern-pack-photoshop-brushes
    Black & White Christmas Ornament Wallpaper, Brush, and Pattern Pack
  • Self-help
    Self Help
  • Deep-doom
    Deep Doom
  • Watercolor-lines
    Watercolor lines
  • Old-paper
    Old Paper Brush Pack
  • On-the-inside
    On The Inside
  • Flow-freely
    Flow Freely
  • Chance
  • Water_color_texture_preview_small
    Watercolor Textures
  • Towantlove
    To Want Love
  • Cover
    Paint Texture Pack
  • Pack7
    Texture Pack 7
  • Luxury
  • Pack3
    Texture Pack 3
  • Merry-christmas-photoshop-wallpapers-and-border-brush-pack-photoshop-textures
    Merry Christmas Photoshop Wallpapers and Border Brush Pack
  • Berto-th
    Berto GE
  • Leaf_brushes_thumb
    7 High Resolution Leaf Brushes
  • Colorful-christmas-ornaments-wallpaper-and-brush-pack-photoshop-brushes
    Colorful Christmas Ornaments Wallpaper and Brush Pack
  • Wa-14frameedges-vol1
    14 Frame Edges for Photoshop
  • Thumb_oct11
    Various textures - Untamed Reflections
  • Front
    Lily and Water Lily Brushes :)
  • Vintage-patterned-photoshop-texture-pack-photoshop-textures
    Vintage Patterned Photoshop Texture Pack
  • Four-seasons-photoshop-wallpaper-pack-photoshop-textures
    Four Seasons Photoshop Wallpaper Pack
  • Swirl_frames_preview
    Decorative Swirl Frame Brushes
  • 17_500x500
    Photoshop Layer Style N.17
  • 12_500x500
    Photoshop Layer Style N.12
  • 10_500x500
    Photoshop Layer Style N.10
  • Thumb
    Free Royal Purple and Black Deluxe Patterns
  • S_copy
    Lightning Textures 1
  • Grungy-cracked-textures
    Grungy Cracked Textures
  • Grungy-spring-textures
    Grungy Spring Textures
  • Grungy-mountain-textures
    Grungy Mountain Textures
  • Grungy-cloud-textures
    Grungy Cloud Textures
  • Jhj
    Photoshop Action 2
  • Pink-and-green-organic-brush-pack-photoshop-brushes
    Pink and Green Organic Brush Pack
  • Blue-organic-brush-pack-photoshop-brushes
    Blue Organic Brush Pack
  • Tumbnail_spetts
    Spetts Pattern
  • Pink-and-brown-floral-photoshop-patterns
    Pink and Brown Floral Photoshop Patterns
  • Frames_2
    Frames Brush set
  • Valentine-s-day-love-photoshop-patterns
    Valentine's Day Love Photoshop Patterns
  • _
  • Merry-christmas-tree-photoshop-wallpapers-photoshop-textures
    Merry Christmas Tree Photoshop Wallpapers
  • Christmas-tree-photoshop-wallpaper-pack-photoshop-templates
    Christmas Tree Photoshop Wallpaper Pack
  • Christmas-tree-ornament-photoshop-wallpaper-pack-photoshop-textures
    Christmas Tree & Ornament Photoshop Wallpaper Pack
  • Christmas-ornament-photoshop-wallpapers-photoshop-textures
    Christmas Ornament Photoshop Wallpapers
  • Red-christmas-photoshop-wallpaper-pack-photoshop-textures
    Red Christmas Photoshop Wallpaper Pack
  • Retro-christmas-photoshop-wallpaper-pack-photoshop-psds
    Retro Christmas Photoshop Wallpaper Pack
  • Christmas-reindeer-photoshop-pattern-photoshop-patterns
    Christmas Reindeer Photoshop Pattern
  • _mg_0146_thumb
    Grunge Concrete Texture
  • Spray-painted-wall-textures
    Spray Painted Wall Textures
  • Red_white_thumbnail
    1 Red & White Abstract Texture
  • Gru_05small
    texture color 03
  • Gru_01small
    texture color fantasy
  • Painted-walls-texture-pack-photoshop-textures
    Painted Walls Texture Pack
  • Leaves-and-vines-textures
    Leaves and Vines Textures
  • 395
  • Namnl_st-1
  • Thumbnail
    Grunge Up In The Woods Papers
  • Texture05-1
    floral texture
  • Kid_bubble
  • Ball_and_color_normal_go_1
    color background
  • 15_vintage_papers_preview_little
    Vintage Papers
  • High-res-black-and-white-grunge-textures
    High Res Black and White Grunge Textures
  • 3-flowers-preview
    3 Flowers brushes by dgraphicrookie
  • Thumbnail_blue
    Textures from Untamed Reflections - III - blue
  • Preview_1a_small
    Textures from Untamed Reflections
  • Swirl-lines300
    Swirl Lines
  • Webtreats-grungy-bokeh
    Vibrant Grungy Bokeh Texture
  • Thumbnail
    Flowery wallpaper pattern
  • Patterns_preview_small
    Floral paper-cut pattern
  • Flourish_light_by_aramisdream
    Flourish Light
  • Butterfly3-brushes-by-hawksmont300
    Butterfly Brushes III
  • Thumb
    Suddenly Spring Photoshop Brushes