Different Pattern

It is my first pattern. Feel free to use this pattern. Now you can also download this pattern in vector here: http://www.idealhut.com/freebies/free-vector-pattern-different/ Ellipsis
Different Pattern

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    SO beutifull

  2. Missing

    Good! Thank you XD

  3. Image0482

    thank you

  4. Missing

    Very beautiful patterns! Thank U so much :^)

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    estan buenisimos gracias !!! esta buena la pagina

  6. ?height=50&width=50


  7. ?height=50&width=50

    thank you ~~

  8. Missing

    thank you for all patterns

  9. Missing

    Thank you very much................

  10. 6m-hexagon

    thank you it's very good.

  11. Missing

    Sweet! thx

  12. ?height=50&width=50


  13. Karen

    Very pretty, thank you!

  14. Missing

    thank you........

  15. Missing

    Really cool design, how can I change it to a different color? I'm having trouble with that!

  16. Missing

    Nice (:

  17. Aban-new


  18. 56


  19. Missing

    Thanks a lot!

  20. Missing

    Thanks for the brilliant designs.

  21. Missing


  22. Missing

    Thanks for this

  23. yes, you can use this pattern in any PS version

  24. yes, you can use this pattern in any PS version

  25. visita este enlace para añadir patrones de Photoshop:

  26. Missing

    Como hago para cargar las texturas esas al photoshop ? si alguien me puede ayudar gracias por que trato como como a los pinceles y no doy .. Agradeceria su ayuda gracias

  27. Missing

    thank a lot

  28. 710334mggggggggg

    thnx ☺

  29. 8965fvg


  30. Vector001

    This is a really nice pattern

  31. Missing

    very good!

  32. Missing


  33. Missing


  34. C

    good! nice brushes

  35. Zerografics

    This is very pretty. And the thumbnail you made to represent this pattern shows the potential of other changes that can be added to make it even more pretty. Thanks for this.

  36. Missing

    good.thank u

  37. Missing

    thank you x

  38. Missing


  39. Missing

    thank U
    It's so nice

  40. Chey_s_pic_s_130

    its so cool

  41. Missing

    Nice! Thank you so much ;D

  42. Missing

    so nice =)

  43. Missing

    thank you love it

  44. Xin_28110103140562920921

    very nicee

  45. Web2

    Thank you!

  46. Dsc_3_


  47. _2


  48. Missing

    muy bellos

  49. Missing
  50. Thanks for the great texture! I used it to embellish a ribbon I created with a ribbon action. It looks great.

  51. 18

    very nice

  52. Patricia_hills_0000_49_


  53. 307954378b1a7bbdca01beba27d73399_2_

    busca del cs4 en otro lao' aca dice cs3 tontin!

  54. Http_imgload

    can i use it in CS4?

  55. 25776_112315012135856_100000720742441_120022_2692948_n

    can i use it in CS4?

  56. 020

    very pretty

  57. Luca-cartoon

    this one rocks!

  58. Karen

    Love the colors, this is very pretty.

  59. Cc0339

    thanks for sharing !

    i like it... ^0^

  60. 23222_763318497_7949_q

    simply great

  61. Bb_sparkb

    Pretty - thank you for sharing...

  62. thank you

  63. Missing

    Yesss I like it.

  64. Missing

    thank you

  65. Kingc070


  66. 110615064

    this is good :)

  67. Missing

    wa ! good !

  68. Eid3

    Wow ...so nice



  69. New

    i like it

  70. Images

    I love you all

  71. La_corda_d_oro019

    merci pour ce partage

  72. Cosculluela_20090531_1191409743

    hellou youknow

  73. 0os13


  74. 17_025303


  75. Av-82284

    Love It!

  76. Av-82284

    Love It!

  77. ?height=50&width=50


  78. Yo

    ^^ Buenísimo ;D

  79. 88


  80. Ava_34

    Like it ^^

  81. Foto_del_48060966-10-2455117_alle_13_21


  82. Missing

    soooo pretty

  83. Little-einsteins_03

    Like it !

  84. Missing

    Love It! Love It! Love It!

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