70's Photoshop Pattern

70's Photoshop Pattern

Here's an old 70's looking Photoshop Pattern that I made a while back and had no use for so I decided to share it with the community. Please link back to this page for credit and I'd love to see how you use it!

70's Photoshop Pattern

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  2. Kitty%20smiles

    Awesome! I recall this pattern from the 70's : ) Nicely Done!

  3. Gaurav_pandey_dp

    looking nice

  4. Ava

    Your photoshop pattern has just been featured on our site digital ink magazine. If you want to view the article with your pattern click the link at the end. great work and keep it up

  5. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern...BEAUTIFUL !!!

  6. 149534_475355566488_690581488_5313133_1289646_n

    Thanks, just what I was looking for!

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  8. Thanks

  9. 0os13


  10. Wp67395

    Thanks for your