this a sample set of brush only (CS5) if u like this one comment on this and I'll upload the full set (15 HI-Res brushes + PS 7 & Above) ☺Have A Nice Day!♪ Ellipsis

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  1. Missing

    I love love love these! How can I view the full set?

  2. Missing

    Thank you these are great. Where can we find the rest of the set?

  3. Missing

    thank you

  4. Missing


  5. ?height=50&width=50

    great brushes... can i have all the 15 hi res brushes of this

  6. Missing

    Amazing set!

  7. Missing

    Awesome . Beautiful Brushes : )

  8. Missing

    Beautiful ;)

  9. ?height=50&width=50

    Awesome Brushes *__*

  10. Missing

    Awesome brushes and likes!

  11. ?height=50&width=50

    Awesome brushes! would love to see the rest!! xoxo

  12. ?height=50&width=50

    This looks 100% real. Amazing.

  13. Missing

    its nice...

  14. Meeee

    u can find it here enjoy !!!!

  15. Missing

    could you upload or send me a link please?

  16. Missing

    great brush, thanks for the hard work!

  17. Missing

    first-class work!

  18. Missing

    Great set're work is highly appreciated!

  19. Missing

    thank a lot

  20. Meeee

    now u can download it from my profile page.. :)

  21. Missing

    dope man upload them all please

  22. Missing

    very nice!

  23. Missing

    smoke smoke..... :)

  24. Missing

    love it!!

  25. Missing

    hi gays im new in photoshop so how can i use the style

  26. Missing

    thank you! <3

  27. Missing

    very nice... :) thanx

  28. Missing

    thank you ! i'll put them to good use :)

  29. Missing

    Thank you!!!

  30. Missing

    Full Set :)

  31. Missing

    Thanks for the awesome brush

  32. Missing

    Hellz yeah brotha!

  33. Meeee

    Thank u all!!!

    rest of the brushes are here!! >>
    ♠ ♠

  34. Meeee

    no worry's.. now u can download it from here....>>

    hope u like it!

  35. Missing

    I love it!
    When can we expect the rest? I'm chewing my nails wondering what's to come! Hurry before they bleed!

  36. Missing

    really awesome

  37. Missing

    It's the best brush!

  38. Missing

    ThaNKS guys ..... Keep Up The GooD Work.........

  39. Fireangel

    Very very nice

  40. Missing

    Excellent example of quality work......thank you.

  41. Missing


  42. Missing

    thank you!

  43. Missing


  44. Missing glad I found you!!!!! :)

  45. Missing

    Thats dope. Load me up with the real thing

  46. Missing

    So amazing~

  47. Missing

    Thank you soo much !!

  48. Missing


  49. Missing


  50. ?height=50&width=50

    upload da full version pleaseeee!
    brazil needs more brushes lol!

  51. Missing
  52. Missing

    Thank you very much :)

  53. Missing

    OMG thX

  54. Missing

    Dude, this is brilliant!
    How would I be able to get the hi res ones though..?

  55. Meeee

    u can find it here>>>

  56. Meeee

    thnx 4 all comments.. Cheers!!

  57. Missing

    Love it, may I have the rest?

  58. Missing

    wow~ thank you~

  59. 7ac

    amazing <3

  60. Missing

    wow is amazing

  61. Electronik_musik


  62. amazing i like it so thanx

  63. Missing

    wow amazing!

  64. 39047_135491483156743_100000876777188_166856_6444734_n

    Smokin'! Thanx

  65. Missing

    very nice,thank you!

  66. Missing

    Thanks^^ 감사합니다.

  67. Missing


  68. ?height=50&width=50


  69. Soups

    this are great

  70. Missing

    i like it!

  71. _

    thanx thanx thanx

  72. Missing

    cool...but how do I get it to work in photoshop?

  73. Bild_2010-12-19_kl._17.21

    Is it free? :)

  74. Missing

    Thanks for sharing.

  75. Meeee

    u can download it from here>>

    here u can find full set ! ps6 & above!

  76. Missing

    You are great, thanks to share.

  77. Missing

    I love the brush set! Upload the full one pleaseee <3 :)

  78. Mm3_150x150

    I am in cs5, and when i try to load a brush set it only shows the upper left part before i click and actually can see what i have done...

  79. Img_6291


  80. ?height=50&width=50


  81. Missing

    Very good. Thank you for sharing.

  82. Afbeelding_005

    i dont understand how you can download it.. if i click on donwload and shit it doesnt dowload..
    can someone help me ?

  83. ?height=50&width=50

    great set, very useful - thanks! I'd love to see more of them.

  84. The-ace-of-spades


  85. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    LOVE it! Thank you :D

  86. Missing

    wow - genius, thank you!!

  87. Missing


  88. ?height=50&width=50

    es justo lo que necesitaba
    is just I need

  89. Nb-24dec2011-byneyne_blomma

    thanks :D

  90. Meeee

    here u can find full set ! ps6 & above!

  91. Missing

    wonderful =) thanks

  92. Missing

    it had to be cs5 lol my cs5 doesnt work anymore the colours dont work = /

  93. Missing

    nice <3

  94. Missing


  95. Missing


  96. ?height=50&width=50

    it's so cool :D :D

  97. Missing

    nice! these are awesome! thanks~

  98. Missing

    I love the effect! Very cool.

  99. Missing

    really coool!!

  100. Missing

    Very cool!!! Thank you:)

  101. Fb

    i like smoke..:(

  102. E_green

    I like this, thanks

  103. Missing

    aw thats good..

  104. Meeee

    Inkdrop FullSet download here>>>>>>>

  105. Meeee

    uploaded! enjoy!

  106. Meeee

    Ok guys i just Upload the Full-set of InkDrop Brushes 15 in set, Hi-Res,PS 6 and Above,
    link be soon on my profile.. ☺
    & thanks for all u r comments..☻

    *free to use for non-commercial designs only..
    do-not repackage or re-distribute on any other sites without my permission.

    do-not repackage pls!!

  107. Missing


  108. Img_0246

    Very nice. Love to see more!

  109. ?height=50&width=50

    cool, thnks for sharing it.

  110. _

    this is absolutely amazing!
    what a bad bad romance ~>.<
    thanks for sharing it !!

  111. ?height=50&width=50

    Very good no doubt.

  112. Missing

    I think it look just great! Thank you!

  113. Augen1

    Yes, very fine - Thanks

  114. Screenhunter_1

    Thank you~~!!

  115. Arsalan_bandhani

    l like this brush, thank this brush send

  116. Missing

    looks great :) thanks for sharing

  117. Missing

    I would love to give a go with the other brushes you have created. Thanks for sharing:)

  118. ?height=50&width=50

    Looks awesome, but I'm on CS4.

  119. Missing

    thanks! really cool! CS3?

  120. Cool! I was just seeking something like this, excellent quality. Many thanks for sharing. Obrigado Rozeiro.

  121. I Love it. Please release the full brush set. Thx

  122. Missing

    Thanks for these great brushes. They are so unique!

  123. Missing

    I really like the sample and would love it if you would upload the rest

  124. Missing

    ThaNk you for your generosity I'm gonna love this one YES please upload the rest! THANKS

  125. ?height=50&width=50


  126. Missing

    C'est tres joli comme création très classe

  127. Missing

    I have CS4, so I can't try these out, but from the sample image, it looks awesome. Would definitely like the full set for PS 7 and above.

  128. Missing

    esos pinceles son muy lindos y utiles para la creaciion de buenos diseños chicos

  129. Missing

    esos pinceles son muy lindos y utiles para la creaciion de buenos diseños chicos

  130. Missing

    I would really like to see the others from you*

  131. Missing

    It is a Fine brushes you made!! Thank you! =)

  132. Kessey_closeup

    Yes, Rosairo. Please upload the Ink Drop for Photoshop 7!

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