Ink & Paint - Print Quality

This is my first Photoshop Brush offering, go ahead and download the 4mb+ .abr file and have fun using these drips and splatters. These [39] drips and splatters were created using gouache paint, India ink, house paint, brushes, a ladder, an assistant, a scanner and discretionary time. These brushes are very larger and were intended to be used for print media. Please credit me and link me the result if you use these. There are no other restrictions on the use of these brushes. Ellipsis
Ink & Paint - Print Quality

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    I can only download 1 brush? =S

  2. Missing

    Cheers for the download!! love the brushes!

  3. Missing


    i love these and i have used these in a commercial design, as there are no other restrictions as mentioned. Can i please get approval for this by email? pi[email protected]. ill send pic in email for you to view.

  4. Missing

    i love it

  5. Missing

    I have used your brushes to make following free PSD buttons:
    I have credited you in description.
    Thanks for amazing brushes:)

  6. Missing
  7. Small_me

    nice :) thanks ! ♥

  8. Missing

    Cool . : ^^

  9. Missing

    how wud u instol it to cs?tnx

  10. Missing

    how wud u instol it to cs?tnx

  11. Missing

    Why it don't work for me? :(

  12. ?height=50&width=50


  13. Hey :)

    I'll share that on FB if you don't mind? This way you'll be able to track the use of this... I'm just playing with me signatures.



  14. Very nice!!

  15. Missing


  16. Missing

    I love it thanks so much!! :]

  17. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Amazing! Thank you so much :D

  18. Missing


  19. Missing


  20. Missing


  21. Missing


  22. Missing


  23. Missing


  24. Img_9305small

    gracias! muy bueno ☺ Saludos

  25. Missing


  26. Missing

    Thank you very much

  27. Missing

    Thanks :) Great brushes x

  28. Mhp3rd_dl_w01i


  29. ?height=50&width=50

    Very nice, thanks :D

  30. Missing


  31. Anoes

    grEAT fuLL

  32. 74326_imgcache

    ♥ thank's ♥

  33. Missing

    help - it won't download

  34. Abstract_0006_lightbox1

    Elegant !~

  35. Untitled-1
  36. R144

    Thanks it's Very beautiful

  37. Another_level_music_logo

    Good Lookin on dis

  38. Photo_on_2010-06-06_at_18.51

    Thank U

  39. Missing

    thank you♥

  40. Lg1uoca3v23jvcavziuttcazlo0kjcawd4qeica8t7g6kcaw1y085cawthetdcayyw3uuca1xgbh3cakok83icaoj2g7qcazqeplscam642d5carlo1hicaumquodcanknzxscamqh02fca2v8zslca4do0eh

    i love this brush!

  41. 001

    omg thank you.. so much . (:

  42. Ghost1

    Very goodd thxx ^^

  43. ?height=50&width=50

    thanxxxxx ..

  44. 35281_138533632841380_132039213490822_278024_7437550_n

    and what font(s) did you use?

  45. 35281_138533632841380_132039213490822_278024_7437550_n

    how did you make the font like that? outer glow?

  46. sweet!!!

  47. Rty


  48. Missing


  49. மிகவும் அருமை நன்றி!

  50. Screen_shot_2010-07-01_at_11.37.05_am's very cool

  51. Missing

    I like it!!)

  52. ?height=50&width=50


  53. Missing

    hell yeah!!!! awevo banda ahorita me voy a pasar de verga!!!!

  54. _

    3Q^.^ ,very good

  55. 32097_1448853097071_1105526110_31288190_7512573_n

    super :D

  56. Missing

    thanks thanks thanks !

  57. Castle_in_the_sky01


  58. Nuke_wallpaper_


  59. Missing


  60. this is it.

  61. Etsy_garden_avatar

    God bless your little paint splattered heart!

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