Fire Styles

Fire Styles

This is four different styles that will make your brushes look like they're on fire. I actually made this for my two fire brush sets, my particle ember set, and partially for a smoke brush set. You can check my other shared resources for those. You can also check out more resources on my website. If you like, let me know.

Copyright: crestfalleen

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Fire Styles

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  1. Img_20140922_105910

    coooooool indeed

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    Just learning about these brushes. What a time saver and my work will look better than previously created works. Thanks.

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    excelente herramienta

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  5. Walledancingrobotplaysmp3s

    wow it's cool

  6. Image0482

    cool! thanks for sharing

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    Великолепно, большое спасибо!!!

  8. Missing

    Very cool.. Many Thanks to you!