Google Buzz Icon PSD

Google buzz Logo .PSD After spending time doing this you begin to realize that it's the idea behind a logo, not the logo itself that makes it what it is. A logo can be creatively inspiring, provocative and down right iconic, but if the meaning behind it has no substance then it's just another fancy logo. Google buzz has added a new depth and angle to the social media world that's got many people excited with it's prospects. With the coming of this new way to communicate and share thoughts, news and ideas, I've developed a high resolution version of the logo for use in any manner the internet sees fit. Enjoy. Development Note: So after a heated photoshop and design debate with fellow designers over the new Google buzz logo, I was initially flawed in some of the design aspects to what it should look like. With some help, I was able to acquire a high res logo to work from. If you like this logo, have a look around my profile, you may like other things you see! Ellipsis
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