Arabic Patterns for Photoshop

For an arabic or islamic designs use these patterns to give a real mode... Ellipsis
Arabic Patterns for Photoshop

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  2. Missing

    these are so cool! but i cannot use this pattern. i think there is something problem in this file :(

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    thanks for all...

  4. Missing

    these were originally made by graphic design Travis Beckham, and can be found here:

    credit where credit is due, an' all that.

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    Save the pattern file somewhere you will remember. I have a folder on my Desktop called "Photoshop Downloads" and then inside I have seperate folders for Brushes, Patterns, Shapes, Styles, etc.

    Anyway in Photoshop, go to Edit > Preset Manager. When that window pops up, select "Patterns" from the dropdown (default is Brushes) and then click the "Load" button on the right of the window. Browse to find where you saved your downloaded pattern and that's that.

    Do you know how to apply a pattern to your layer?

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    Hi, i have a question.. i'm sorta new to photoshop, how do i use the patterns?

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  8. Keko_ferkeko_hotmail

    You're very welcome...

  9. Shiv_pastport

    too good !!!

  10. Ava

    Your photoshop pattern has just been featured on our site digital ink magazine. If you want to view the article with your pattern click the link at the end. great work and keep it up

  11. 300kb

    Thank You, it's great :)

  12. _0530

    thank you

  13. Aya

    Thank you!

  14. Brusheezy

    love the green one. good job & thanks!

  15. Fire_face

    please tell me how can i get patterns that look like the wll

  16. Polyvore_icon_copy

    oh wow, fantastic 5* thanks

  17. Missing

    thank-you so much ! i was just looking for this

  18. Missing

    Thank you!

  19. Missing

    thnkx مرحبا

  20. Keko_ferkeko_hotmail

    U all welcome...

  21. Ind_2719

    i like it !!!

  22. Missing

    Thank you so much.

  23. Keko_ferkeko_hotmail

    U welcome :)...

  24. Avaterklein

    Thx 4 the upload

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